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Sunday, 13 December 2009


The revelation this week that fraudsters are peddling fake cures for AIDS on the streets of Swaziland reminds me of the time when King Mswati III himself endorsed a miracle goat serum.

On this occasion one of the king's sons Prince Lindani backed a plot that was set to make its promoters 100 million US dollars.

The scam was to sell goat serum that was ‘totally reliable in the cure of Aids’. It involved injecting goats with HIV and creating antibodies which were then injected into people with AIDS.

The prince even wrote a letter that was used by the fraudsters in their publicity saying his father the King backed the project.

The prince wasn’t at the centre of the fraud: he was just a gullible dupe who got conned. And as for his father? I’ll leave you to decide.

The plot was exposed by BBC journalists in 2006. To see their report click here.

To read more about the case click here.

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