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Monday, 20 August 2012


Swaziland’s Prime Minister has confirmed that King Mswati III is an absolute monarch whose word has to be obeyed to the letter.

Barnabas Dlamini, who was not elected to office but personally appointed PM by the king, was reacting to news that his cabinet of ministers had defied the king who instructed all schoolteachers who were on strike to return to work. King Mswati also ordered his government to talk with teachers and solve their dispute over pay.

But, the cabinet reportedly refused to allow teachers who had been sacked for going on strike return to work, thereby going against the king.

Now, Dlamini has denied that his cabinet went against the king’s word and instead blamed the heavily-censored media in Swazi for misreporting the situation.

The Times Sunday newspaperin Swaziland reported him saying government belonged to His Majesty and it took instructions from him to implement them to the letter, without questioning them. 

He told the newspaper, ‘Government listens when His Majesty speaks and we will always implement the wishes of the King and the Queen mother.’

The PM said Cabinet’s position on the matter was that it respected His Majesty’s position on all matters he spoke about.

He said Cabinet just like the nation, heard what the King said and his wishes would be implemented.

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