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Friday, 13 July 2007


The news media in Swaziland have been criticized for spending too much time reporting from cities and towns, while ignoring people who live in rural areas.

Emmanuel Ndlangamandla, who is executive director of the non-government organization, CANGO, called on the media to play a bigger role in bringing the concerns of ordinary people to public attention so that their problems could be addressed.

A report in the Swazi Observer (13 July 2007) quoted Ndlangamandla telling a breakfast meeting at the Mountain Inn, Mbabane, that government often took notice of peoples’ problems if they were highlighted in the media.

‘We’ve seen it before that, for instance, if Swazi TV flags poverty concerns of the elderly in rural communities, government would make follow-up visits and determine the kind of response that could be provided for them,’ he said.

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