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Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Another report of police torture of suspects has come out of Swaziland.

This time a man has filed a lawsuit in the High Court against the Swazi Government after being assaulted by nine police officers.

Only yesterday (26 July 2010) I reported how 10 police officers were caught torturing a suspect held at the Mbabane police station.

In the latest case Thulani Nhlabatsi says he was detained at Manzini police station on suspicion of stealing a cellphone

In his legal claim, Nhlabatsi says police tortured him with his hands cuffed on his back and feet tied with a rope.

‘During the assault period, I was beaten by the police officers with fists and open hands. Two plastic bags and a rubber like slab was used to suffocate me,’ his legal claim states.

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