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Monday, 28 November 2011


King Mswati III of Swaziland is presently in seclusion taking part in the annual Incwala ceremony, described by many traditionalists as the ‘national prayer’ and considered by them to be the most sacred of Swazi ceremonies.

But what actually happens during Incwala is clouded in secrecy and many of the rituals have in the past been described by religious leaders in the kingdom as ‘unGodly’ and ‘unChristian’.

Now, an insider’s account of what King Mswati really does during Incwala has been released.

It makes startling claims about King Mswati’s activities. He is said to take ‘muti’ (narcotics), and allows himself to be licked all over his body by a snake while drugged. In one part of the sacred ceremony King Mswati has sexual intercourse with a drugged bull; in another he publicly has sex with two of his wives.

The accounts of goings-on at Incwala are given by Sithembiso Simelane who says his regiment initiation name is Sukulwenkhosi. He is 38 years old, born at Lwandle, near Manzini, and now lives at Nkhaba in the Hhohho region with his wife and two daughters.

He was a member of the Inyatsi regiment for about 10 years and says he ‘got to see all the evil that takes place in the royal residencies and more especially at Ludzidzini royal residence (Lobamba)’.

Simelane writes, ‘I’m telling you this story so as to reveal the reality that people in Swaziland do not know, and to warn Swazis against supporting this Incwala ceremony blindly. Many people have been killed in Swaziland for fear that they were witches or wizards. It is so amazing then because royalty, more especially the monarch, continues to practice witchcraft and at a very high rate.

He goes on, ‘Now that the king has gone into seclusion, he will be stationed at Mantjolo (near Mbabane) where there is a spirit snake, known as LaMlambo, belonging to the Mnisi clan. There, he will have the snake lick him all over the body for many days. As the snake licks him, the belief is that it cleans him of all the troubles he faced this year so that he emerges a new and strong person the next year.’

Simelane says, ‘Then there will be the catching and killing of the bull event. There are two sessions for this one. The first one is held at three in the afternoon a day before Incwala lenkhulu. The king expects the boys to show their strength by killing the bull with bare hands. They quickly jump onto the bull each with the hope of being the first one to grab it so that the king notices them.

‘The secret here is that these young men have the hope that if the king notices their bravery, they will get promotions in their respective jobs, especially if they are in the security forces, or if they are unemployed, they hope to get jobs in the army or the police. So they beat the bull with fists until it is so tired that it cannot do anything. Mswati believes that this action signifies that his people, as they always try by all means to rise against him, will suddenly decide to abandon that action and be confused by his muti.

‘The bull is then taken into the Inhlambelo where Mswati awaits it, naked. The young men hold down the bull tight as the king inserts his erect royal penis into the bull’s anus. He has sex with it until just before he ejaculates.’

Simelane also says that at one point King Mswati ‘moves out to Indlunkhulu where two of his wives, LaMatsebula and LaMotsa, await him naked and he has sex with both of them for a short while but then ejaculates into his horn (hence the saying uchamela enkhomeni nakumuntfu). These two wives, LaMatsebula and laMotsa, only serve this purpose at the royal family. They are known as “Tesulelamsiti’’, which basically means it is where the king cleanses himself and removing all his dirt on. On the two women is where Mswati leaves his demonic evils so that they carry it whilst he remains clean.’

Simelane gives other details of events at Incwala. To read his full account, click here. Or here


Anonymous said...

The Rhema Church was banned in Swaziland in the 1980s after raising concerns about the king having sexual intercourse with one of his wives in full view of the regiments.

Anonymous said...

This sounds disgusting to me, but if they are consenting adults, let it be. If not it should come to an end and the law should take its course. May the wives like it which is why they are still there. Other queens not enjoying themselves have left including LaMagwaza, LaHwala and of late LaDube.

Mkhwebane said...

You see, if you hate something or somebody you always look at the negative or bad side of that something or somebody's situation.

From Simelane's detailing of the events that take place at the Royal Residence, and his references to the King's royal penis and refering to him as "this man" and claiming to know it all, one can only conclude that he has a lot of hatred for the King. The scanty details can only be believed by someone who believes anything writing. Why he hates him this much is know to all and sundry. Painting the Incwala as dirty as he thinks and broadcasting to everyone has an obvious motive which I am quite aware of. The bible tells about such people. I can only conclude that there is, but only one judge, that is God. So all judgements rest with Him. Swaziland is a Christian country. Christians do visit the main Royal Residence for prayer purposes, especially during the Easter's. If the Kingdom is that unGodly, I am sure no Christian would be allowed to set his or her foot at the Royal Residence. What the King does is his business and those that live or surround him. I do not recall at any stage the King or any Royal servant demanding people to attend Incwala. People go there out of their free will. It is exactly what the so called progressives are advocating for. "freedom of association". If one chooses to practice culture like all nations do, so what? Why should that be Simelane's concern or any one for that matter. If the majority of Swazis likes it that way, isn't it the majority's interest which is democratic. No one is forced to weed the King's fields. Regiments do it out of love for the culture. I am also talking from experience, because I am a regiment of Balondolozi of Ludzidzini. Those fields feed a lot of people, not just the Royal Family only. There are many destitute people who benefit from the proceed of those fields. If you can say anything nice about someone, please just keep quiet. If you want the Swazi people to hate the King and the Swazi Culture believe me, not in this century, probably some fifty years or hundred to come. Currently the Swazis are content with the current situation, save for the economic crises which even the European countries are going through. All I can say to Simelane is that " you have a lot of convincing to do to the 90% of Swazis who are madly in Love with the Kingdom.

Unknown said...

Well yes, love is blind they say. And blind love for the king seems to be blinkering most to what is an abusive situation. Many see the king as a role model and when he rapes a bull and metaphorically rapes Swaziland as well financially, others follow. The sheer waste of money by the king and his hangers on and lack of concern for the plight of the people is astonishing.

Anonymous said...

Those who speak on behalf of the majority are expert bootlickers. Don't speak about what you are clueless about, but rather keep quiet so as to not make yourself look stupid. I for one do not appreciate throwing my hard earned cash into a corruption ridden black hole that only benefits a certain few while the majority wallow in poverty and hopelessness.

Anonymous said...

Swazi king knows wht is he doing, not only in this world you know but also to the unknow world that maybe you don't know.

Mswati knows about Incwala with its all meaning.He knows all the unknown networks used between physical and spiritual world.

When you talk about incwala you bring two things spirtualy and physcal.Its up to you now to say anything you wish.But swazis they got their own culture and some rituals.On the other hand the bible.

When it comes to the bible the swazi cuture and their rituals are speaking in different.

There is a group of man is called libandla lemanti(water group) when you look at them its like they mad yet they are not.Anualy they take some few stuff of the king including the black stick of King.They went to the suer ground of the sea.they throu those things there in the sea .Note...Someone (demon)will take those stuff to the deep of the deepest sea strait to the kingndom of darkness.

Atfer waiting for some days then that group will bring back the stuff. Note....the group they use no transport but yellow page yet they are not ...spiritualy transport will be provided

This deal invoves high rank of magic something is beyond your mind.
Note...Incwala ceremony is not allowed to be conducted if the moon is not full. why? Moon communicates with the sea .And its when all witchcratf,spells,charms and magcians take place some of them uses coloured candles,needles,wools to coz troubles to the peaple.

In bible speaks of AZAZEL this demon is responseble for trees and how to uses the roots .there are some demon who are in control with the moon.Then there is also a Ruling demon for yor area.

So Mswati is among the high rank of satanisim in witchcraft and magic.where a number of flesh and human blood secrifice is needed.

Even now he will see and know who wrote this mssg.But no fear at all in me.Iam procted by the Blood of Jesus the Lord that king Mswati is denying by his act.

So Mswati when he have sex with the bull ,he did this because of some covernent of the blood and his soul sold to the devil.He have sex with animal in order to blasphem his God the Holy one.

He also against the word by taking many wives..
He also blasphem the Lord Jesus by not trusting in him but depending to the traditional healer.
Let me stop here.its not about judging someone the word says lets check all the spirits through the word.its doesnt matter who you are.Its not by your culture and not by swazis that they like it or not but by the word of God.