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Monday, 17 September 2012


Amos Mbedzi, who was convicted of five charges including sedition and murder, has been sentenced to 85 years and six months in prison by the High Court in Swaziland today (17 September 2012).

Mbedzi was arrested following an attempt to blow up a bridge near the Lozitha royal residence in September 2008. Two people with him died from injuries caused when the bomb exploded prematurely.

Judge Bheki Maphalala sentenced Mbedzi to 25 years jail for the murder of MJ Dlamini; another 25 years for the murder of Jack Govender; 20 years for attempted murder; 15 years for sedition and six month for making an unlawful entry into Swaziland.

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1 comment:

dieter walbrugh said...

in this time can we reflect to remember Musa MJ Dlamini and Jack Govender, Our Heroes in the liberation struggle in Swaziland who died on September 20, 2008... Mbedzi and the deceased as "soldiers and comrades" who were working towards achieving the goal of democratising Swaziland.

Amos Mbedzi was sentenced to 20 years for sedition and 15 years for the unlawful possession of explosives. The court found he had tried to place explosives under a bridge within the proximity of Swazi government and royal buildings. However MJ and Govender died.

On the 21st of September 2008 the king appointed his best friend at the time before Mamba was catch pans down at the Royal Villas with one of his beauties . Mamba was appointed as the Minister of justice then appointed AT Dlamini the then Prime minister in his position as CEO of TIBIO The kings trust. This all happened on the Sunday the 21st of September 2008 the retired prime minister Sibisiso Barnabas Dlamini was called up from the grave and a new Law and cook that same weekend to charge Amos. The only appropriate charge at the time was damage to public property. so Yes Amos would have never got a fair trial as the law that he was charged with Sedition was not a Law on the 20th of September and was only cooked up over that weekend. Amos was sitting in the Car while the bomb exploded so MJ and Govender was responsible for there own deaths cause the device triggered while the two of the was planting it. at first the police tough that Amos was driving past at the time of the explosion they rushed him to hospital and discovered later that he was part of the attack. 5 year latter and political parties are still seen as Devils. It's time for the spirits of our fallen comrades to RISE above the king and his chiefs ...Auta Continua... Viva PEDEMO Viva Viva SCP Viva Long Live the spirits of MJ and Govender Long Live...