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Tuesday 5 July 2016


Women temporary employees at Swaziland’s Central Statistics Office (CSO) have allegedly been forced to have sex with their bosses to keep their jobs.

The women are engaged in the ongoing Swaziland Population and Housing Census and the Swaziland Household Income and Expenditure Surveys, according to a report in the Observer on Saturday newspaper.

The paper reported on Saturday (2 July 2016), senior employees who were employed on a permanent basis demanded sexual favours from the temporary workers if they wanted to keep their jobs.

An unnamed source told the newspaper, ‘The CSO bosses are taking advantage of the female staff. They have wives yet they use their power to have sex with the defenceless young girls so they can keep their jobs.’

CSO Director Amos Zwane said the allegations were taken seriously and an investigation would take place.

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