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Thursday, 19 March 2009


Support for democracy in Swaziland is spreading throughout the world.

This week comes news that a new campaign group has been set up in Finland to raise awareness of the problems in Swaziland and to develop solidarity work in liaison with the Peoples’ United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO) and the Swaziland Solidarity Network.

The formation of the new group came after the documentary Without the King was shown at a private movie theatre in Helsinki.

According to a report posted on the Swaziland Solidarity Network forum, about 50 people attended the event, which was followed by a full discussion on the situation in Swaziland.

The event was organised by the Finnish Peace Committee, Swaziland Solidarity Network and the Finnish non-governmental research and solidarity organization CRASH.

The new group says there are plans to arrange other events to raise the issue of Swaziland, in part to build public awareness and activism on it in Finland, but also to put pressure on Finnish foreign policy decision makers in Finland to boycott the Swazi regime and argue for pressure to be brought on the Mswati dictatorship by the European Union and other intergovernmental forums.

The Finnish group joins other solidarity groups across the world, including those in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Canada, and various parts of Africa.

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