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Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Media statement from the People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO)

7 September 2009

The Planned COSATU Visit To Swaziland

As stated in our last statement, that because of the international campaigns meant to highlight the struggles of the poor and oppressed masses of our country, the international community is positively responding. As PUDEMO, we wish to welcome the decision by COSATU [Congress of South African Trade Unions] to send a strong delegation into Swaziland on 16 September.

Amongst other things is to visit the incarcerated PUDEMO President Mario Masuku.

This is a huge step by COSATU and is an indication that they not only preach, but practice international solidarity wherever there is injustice. It is the very same action they undertook in the case of Zimbabwe where the opposition was being subjected to repression of untold proportions for daring to call for change and social justice.

This visit will be a truly enriching experience for COSATU. A lot is happening behind the ‘Swaziland peaceful iron curtain.’ This is the land where people with dissenting voices:

Have their houses and families constantly raided for unclear reasons.

Are victimized in different forms.

Are kidnapped and tortured at will by the security agents of the state who later will deny any responsibility because they are protected by the regime they serve to remain in power.

Are constantly subjected to threats and fear with cruel and inhuman pieces of legislations.

Have their families instructed how they must conduct funerals


Surely the curtain is slowly lifting and the regime will be exposed for what it really is. We hope more of such will continue to happen for the international community has a huge role to play in assisting the people of Swaziland overcome the political crisis they are facing. In Zimbabwe and Madagascar , the international community intervened and now is Swaziland ’s turn, for the people urgently need democracy, peace and social justice! The regime cannot hide anymore with all the atrocities it is subjecting its people to.

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