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Monday, 7 September 2009


People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO)

Press Release - 5 September 2009

1. The Global Week Campaign on Swaziland

The campaign has unfolded with a very high measure of success in highlighting the struggles of the poor and oppressed masses of our country led by The Swaziland United Democratic Front, labour organizations and international allies. We wish to salute our international friends for continuously extending their solidarity and realizing that Swaziland cannot remain and continue to be a threat to democracy in the SADC Region.

We continue to maintain that Swaziland is in a huge political crisis and no amount of denial can resolve it. We believe the only way towards solving the crisis is to:

Release PUDEMO President Mario Masuku and all other political prisoners currently out on bail.

Allow the return of all political exiles unconditionally.

Unban all political parties and a return to constitutional multiparty democracy.

Repeal all unjust laws including Suppression of Terrorism Act of 2008, the proposed Public Service Bill, etc.

Allow the people of Swaziland to write their own constitution.

As a result of the campaign, we expect more and more true international friends of the struggling people of Swaziland to come into the country in the near future to assess the situation and take the message forward as opposed to the those who come in the name of ‘tourism, cultural experiences and diplomatic strengthening of relations’ when our people are oppressed and dying. No amount of “public relations” by the state will cover up the existing crisis.

2. The abduction of Wandile Dludlu

The President of PUDEMO Youth League (SWAYOCO) was yesterday (4 September 2009) kidnapped and brutalized by the state security agents. He was physically tortured and assaulted leaving needing urgent medical attention. What the state has done is not new. On a continuous basis members of PUDEMO has been raided and brutalized on the pretext that they had guns or knowledge to that effect. This is a hallmark of dictatorships and regimes that illegally ascended into power. They become so desperate that they use any available cruel strategy to silence dissenting voices and prolong their stay in power. We condemn this act by the state and its agencies. We therefore call upon the international community to apply more pressure on the status quo for the democratization of Swaziland that will come with the respect for human rights.

3. The Human Rights Commission

This is an exercise not worth commenting about. It is of no significance and is not in the interest of the oppressed masses of Swaziland. You only have to look at its composition and the backgrounds of the commissioners to realize that this is another grand scheme of issuing awards to loyal supporters of the status quo. After all no public institution will ever function to truly and honestly advance the lives and welfare of the ordinary people under the existing status quo.

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