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Monday, 18 January 2010


More evidence is emerging that Swaziland police gunned down three robbery suspects, killing them in cold blood.

The family of Manqoba Bhembe, one of the dead men, feels that he may have not been fleeing when he was shot dead as police claim.

They say Manqoba had a bullet wound in his abdomen suggesting that he was shot from the front and another in the head. He also has a fractured arm. His brother, Mduduzi said they were baffled on how he could have fractured his arm in the process of fleeing.

‘When I looked at him during the post-mortem, I saw two gun-shot wounds on the chest, one in the abdomen and on the head. To me my brother was surrendering himself to the police when you consider the fractured right arm,’ he told the Times of Swaziland, the kingdom’s only independent daily newspaper.

This follows concerns from the family of one of the other dead men, Khuzumhlanga Khuza Mamba.

They say he was found with five bullet wounds, one above the collar bone close to the neck, the rest of the shots were fired through the chest.

In total three men were shot dead by police after they were foiled allegedly breaking into a building at Sidvokodvo Valley Farm.

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