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Monday, 11 January 2010


Evidence is emerging of a cold blooded killing of civilians by Swaziland police.

A man police claimed was shot while running away from them was later found to have bullet wounds in the front of his body.

Khuzumhlanga Khuza Mamba was buried at the weekend, He had been gunned down by police along with two other people after they were foiled allegedly breaking into a building at Sidvokodvo Valley Farm.

According to police reports the three men were part of a gang of five people who attempted the break in. Police say they had to shoot the men dead because the men were fleeing to avoid arrest and that it was dark so they did not know whether the suspects had guns. The shooting happened around 1am.

Mamba’s mother, Evelyn Mamba, said the police killed her so in ‘cold blood’.

It is also reported that the other two men shot with Mamba each had five gunshot wounds in their bodies.

Mamba’s body was on view at his funeral vigil. One bullet wound was above the collar bone close to the neck, the rest of the shots were fired through the chest.

‘If they were fleeing arrest why are wounds not from the back? Why were so many shots were fired from the front with nothing being mentioned by the police that the gang was armed or at least a reasonable justification that they could have been armed?’ said Mrs Mamba.

Police Public Relations Officer Senior Superintendent Vusi Masuku said, ‘The place Sidvokodvo Valley Farm was surrounded by police and anything could have happened in the thick of that night.

‘As explained before the area was surrounded and the suspects were warned to surrender but they bolted out of the door, probably in panic and the police opened fire.’

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