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Wednesday, 3 March 2010


A website has been set up to sell Sikhuphe International Airport, and like the airport itself it’s a long way from being completed.

Taking pride of place on the website is a video, meant to display the strengths of the airport, dubbed King Mswati III’s fantasy.

Only 25 seconds of the video actually includes the airport: the rest of it is about the supposed virtues of Swaziland as a place to visit.

Whoever designed the video seems to have swallowed the lie that Sikhuphe is going to be a major airport hub for the southern Africa region. A skillful artist has imagined what the airport’s departure terminal will be like when (if) if is ever finished and included 12 check-in desks for travellers.

Matsapha Airport, Swaziland’s present and only airport, only has one check-in desk and this is closed for most of the day because there are so few flights.

Click below to take a look for yourself at this sad fantasy.

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