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Saturday, 17 April 2010


Swazi police are up to their old tricks – banning ‘political’ meetings on their own authority. This time they have acted in direct opposition to a ruling of the Swaziland High Court.

Today (17 April 2010) the Swaziland Democracy Campaign - Swaziland Chapter had planned to hold its launch – but (let’s be honest) as expected the police stepped in.

Two of the organisers of the event, Mary Da Silva and Sikelela Dlamini were rounded up and taken to the Manzini Police Headquarters for interrogation.

This is despite the fact that the High Court of Swaziland yesterday granted the organizers the right to continue with the activity.

Scores of progressives went to the police headquarters to demand their release of Da Silva and Dlamini. Reports from the scene say ‘over two hundred hostile looking and dangerously armed police officers’ are standing guard at the police station.

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