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Friday, 13 August 2010


Get ready to see another South African newspaper banned in Swaziland – officially or unofficially.

The Sowetan newspaper today (13 August 2010) runs a profile on King Mswati III, sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarch, that is far from flattering. Not the kind of thing the Swazi Observer would publish.

Headlined Swazi king a baffled soul, the article begins, ‘King Mswati III is really a piece of work. From his wobbly stomach to his puffed up cheeks, he is not a sight for sore eyes.’

But it’s not all abuse. It makes the point that King Mswati is a traditional African when it suits him (having 14 wives, for example). But he also wants the comforts and benefits of ‘modernity’.

The king was educated in England and while there is said to have enjoyed playing darts, swimming and rugby. ‘He also developed a taste for sumptuous cuisine and luxury foreign-made cars.’

Last weekend they banned the City Press from the streets of Swaziland after it ran reports about a sex scandal involving the Swazi Royal Family. Now, we shouldn't be surprised if they ban the Sowetan also. But they can’t touch it on the Internet: read the full article here.

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