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Saturday, 11 December 2010


Here’s further evidence that Majozi Sithole, Swaziland’s Finance Minister, wasn’t telling the truth when he said the kingdom’s health services wouldn’t suffer cuts as a result of the government’s mismanagement of the economy.

Swaziland Hospice at Home, which looks after terminally ill and poverty stricken people in the kingdom, has only received half of the budget subvention it is due.

It needs E2,686,200 a year and it has so far received only E1,343,100.

Yesterday (10 December 2010), I reported that doctors on call were not being paid and as a result they were threatening not to attend emergencies and were putting lives at risk.

Sithole had claimed that despite government’s decision to cut 7,000 public sector jobs and other spending cuts, as part of an attempt to save the Swazi economy from meltdown, health services in the kingdom would not be affected.

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