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Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Censorship in Swaziland seems to have taken a new twist today (1 December 2010) with the revelation that the website of PUDEMO, the main opposition group in the kingdom, has been closed down.

Also, all attempts to use Google within Swaziland to search for PUDEMO draw error messages.

It is now impossible to get on the PUDEMO website if you are inside Swaziland, but it is still available outside in the free world.

But the censor has a sense of humour, because instead of delivering you to the PUDEMO (the People’s United Democratic Front) website, it takes you to the Swazi parastatal, Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications.

The PUDEMO site is reportedly hosted by Real Image Internet which describes itself as ‘Swaziland's Leading Internet Service Provider’. Real Image headed by Ali Resting has a number of contracts with the Swaziland Government for internet services, including the Swaziland Tourist Authority (STA).

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