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Thursday, 27 January 2011


Swaziland Democracy Campaign (SDC) has announced three major activities for 2011, which include a people’s march for democracy, a mass public meeting and another Global Week of Action.

A statement released today (28 January 2011) announces the following:

1. The first anniversary celebrations of the SDC to be held in February will be organised over three days;

Day 1: A look at the state of the Swazi economy, its evolution, the structure and engines driving its performance in the past few years and exploring an alternative economic vision for a new and democratic Swaziland.

Day 2: The SDC today, what next, focusing on evaluating the first year of the campaign and its impact, consolidating a co-ordination framework and structure to ensure maximum campaign support and participation, and finalising a medium-term programme and implementation plan for the Campaign.

Day 3: A mass public meeting to receive the new Strategy and Programme of the SDC arising out of joint consultations. The media, international community, ambassadors, faith based communities, celebrities, political leaders (pledging solidarity), etc. will be in attendance.

2. A people’s march for democracy in Swaziland to be held at Oshoek. This will form part of the first Global week of Action on Swaziland during the week of the 12th April.

3. The Global Week of Action for democracy in Swaziland to be held in September (GWoAS), where we shall crowd Swaziland by joining a bold mass programme of action to be led and co-ordinated by SDC Swaziland together with the Swazi trade union movement.

The SDC statement says there will also be a series of visits to Swaziland by high-profiled persons and delegations to ‘expose as many key and influential people to the reality of Swaziland today’.

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