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Thursday, 8 September 2011


Percy Masuku, Swaziland Labour Academy National Coordinator, sent me this message.

Dear Mr. Rooney. Am sending this brief communiqué on the issue of the Facebook page that has been allegedly opened by the President of PUDEMO, Cde Mario Masuku.

We have have it in command that the President has nothing to do with the page. We hereby humbly request that you also post this message as a warning in the swazimedia-blog post to other potential and existing members in the page, and also please be warned that this is not a genuine page that the President has commissioned to be opened.

We also humbly note that you are also a member of the so-called group. To elaborate further, the date of birth of the President has been wrongly captured, something which indicates that no matter how genuine this effort could be, the right channels were not followed.

He therefore would like to acknowledge the effort but dissociate himself from such. Please feel free to ask further questions on this issue on the following e-mails:; Hoping this is in order and helpful to you as well. Best regards, Percy Masuku - Swaziland Labour Academy National Coordinator.

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