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Monday, 3 October 2011


Times of Swaziland

3 October 2011


Registrars gave evidence against Judge Masuku

MBABANE – Fired High Court Judge, Thomas Masuku, was convicted based solely on evidence presented by High Court Registrar, Mpendulo Simelane and Supreme Court Registrar, Lorraine Hlophe.

Our investigations have uncovered that the complainant against Masuku during the hearing on August 11, 2011 was Simelane.

Hlophe only gave supporting evidence on only one of the charges that Masuku was facing.

Apart from the submissions of these two, no other evidence was presented against Masuku.

The hearing came after Masuku was suspended at the end of June for misconduct. Twelve charges were preferred against him but five were dropped on the day of the hearing.

While it was Chief Justice Michael Ramodibedi who laid the charges against Masuku, on the date of the hearing it was Simelane who sought to substantiate them.

Chief Justice Ramodibedi chaired the hearing.

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