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Wednesday 14 August 2013


Swazi security forces are monitoring some of the candidates nominated to contest the forthcoming Swaziland national election because they are members of a political party.

The Swaziland Democratic Party (SWADEPA) reports that some of its members, who were nominated earlier this month (August 2013), are being scrutinised by state security forces.

Political parties are banned from taking part in the elections in Swaziland where King Mswati III rules as sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarch.

SWADEPA leadership said before the election nominations took place its members would stand for the House of Assembly, but only as individuals.

SWADEPA now fears for the safety of those of its members who were nominated.

Secretary General Archie Sayed, who is himself standing for election, told local media his party would not disclose publicly the names of its members who were nominated.

He said the party had decided to protect its members from any possible harassment by state security forces.

‘We cannot reveal the names of our members until further notice. This is for security reasons. We are being monitored. We have received reports from our members that they are being monitored by state security agents,’ he said.

SWADEPA is one of two political parties that declared that it would take part in the elections: the other party is Sibahle Sinje Sive Siyinqaba, a pro-Royalist organisation.

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