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Friday, 24 February 2017


The Administration at the University of Swaziland (UNISWA) is under attack on two fronts: from the students and non-academic staff.

On Monday (20 February 2017) UNISWA closed indefinitely after students boycotted classes in protest over late payment of scholarships and inadequate facilities. 

The following day non-academic staff picketed the Kwaluseni Campus administration block in a row over ‘stop orders’ from salaries. Money has been stopped from pay cheques but it has not been forwarded to the relevant beneficiaries. Staff said this had been going on for at least two years.

A spokesperson for the workers was reported by the Swazi Observer saying, ‘This is a problem that the members of staff have had to endure for two years and each time we raised the issue with management, they promised to work on it.’

The Times of Swaziland reported that 100 members of the National Workers Union of Swaziland Higher Institutions (NAWUSHI) took part in the picket. It quoted the workers’ spokesperson saying, ‘Currently, the institution deducts the money from us, but it does not remit it to the service providers and we consider this as an illegal and fraudulent act, which should be corrected immediately.’

The spokesperson added management had refused to meet to discuss the issue.

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