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Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Which one of these two men is the con man?

One is Barnabas Dlamini, who is the illegally-appointed Prime Minister of Swaziland. Dlamini says he is a friend of democracy, but wants to torture people who campaign against his government. He also calls himself ‘doctor’ when he has no such qualification. If he applied for a job at a university and claimed to be a doctor he would be committing a crime.

The other man is Rudy King. He goes one better and calls himself ‘His Excellency’. He has a track record of crime and fraud in the Bahamas, most recently concerning the World Citizen Awards, a scam organisation that awarded Dlamini with a bogus medal for his human rights work.

The picture was taken at the World Citizen Awards last weekend when Dlamini received his medal.

The picture was published in the Tribune, Bahamas, on Monday 4 October 2010.

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