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Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Apparently, Barnabas Dlamini, the illegally-appointed Prime Minister of Swaziland, is returning to the kingdom this afternoon (13 October 2010) after his trip to the Bahamas to collect a bogus medal from the con man Rudy King.

He has also been to Washington to beg (unsuccessfully) for the International Monetary Fund to support the ailing Swazi economy.

Usually after a foreign trip the prime minister holds a press conference to tell journalists what a wonderful person he is and how successful he has been (on behalf of the Swazi people, of course) while he has been away.

I don’t know if he intends to hold a press conference this time (I never get invited), but I hope he does, because he has a lot of questions to answer.

I won’t be there, but if I was invited here are some of the questions I (and the rest of us) would want answers to.

On his trip to the Bahamas to meet the con man and get an award for his humanitarian work. Why did the Swazi Government approve of the award without first checking on the background of the organisation giving it? How much has it cost the Swazi taxpayer to send Dlamini and his entourage to the Bahamas and did they have to pay any money to the World Citizen Awards organisation to subsidise the cost of the ceremony?

And lastly: Why did Dlamini go ahead and accept the award after the world knew that it was being given by a scam organisation and a con artist?

On the IMF. When he visited the IMF in Washington did he tell them that he had awarded himself a severance payment of E1.6 million and other politicians a total of E60 million (8.5 million US dollars) to be paid when the present parliament ends in 2013.

On the United Nations. Will he explain why he allowed a report to the United Nations to be doctored so that it looked as though Swaziland was succeeding in eradicating hunger and poverty in the kingdom? Also can he explain why he allowed the report to lie about the rate of maternal mortality in the kingdom?

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