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Thursday, 21 July 2011


The Swazi Government-created economic crisis is directly responsible for some destitute HIV-positive people having to eat cow manure because they cannot afford food.

Samkeliso Dlamini, from the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA, which distributes food aid across Swaziland, said there was no food distribution programme specifically for people on ARVs because it had been stalled by the dire economic position in the kingdom, according to the Swazi Observer newspaper.

Food distribution would resume if the economy ever got better, he added.

Dlamini criticised Joseph Souza, the Lugongolweni MP, for making public the fact that people had to eat cow dung. He said the NDMA had delivered 400 bags (50kg) of mealie-meal to the community of Lugongolweni on Tuesday (19 July 2011) where some residents on ARVs were eating cow dung.

Souza responded by saying this was it was way too little and could not satisfy all the people there.

‘All centres get about 420 bags of mealie meal and this is not enough as some centres have bigger numbers of destitute people. Also, the distribution is also stretched far in between.

‘I still state that some people on ARVs are eating cow dung here, and there is ample evidence to that fact. You can come here and see it for yourself,’ he told the Observer.

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