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Thursday, 28 July 2011


The Industrial Court turned down an application from the Swaziland Government to have yesterday’s protest action banned.

In what is becoming a regular tactic, the government left it to the last minute before running to court.

In the past it has succeeded in scuppering the plans of unions to protest, but this time it came unstuck.

The government claimed that all mediation efforts had not been exhausted: the court disagreed.

The protest was stopped temporarily yesterday morning (27 July 2011) while unions and government went to court, but started later in the day.

The labour unions’ attorney Thulani Maseko told the Industrial Court that government knew about the protest action as early as 23 June, 2011.

‘It is clear that government has failed to address the issues raised by the labour unions, looking at the time frame these matters have been brought before it. The application in itself is one of government’s delaying tactics,’ Maseko said.

The Industrial court ruled there was no urgency in the government’s application and dismissed it. It said the government could make a new application if circumstances changed.

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