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Friday, 29 April 2011


The plane King Mswati III chartered for his trip from Swaziland to London for the Royal Wedding cost the Swazi Government US$700 000 (R4,7-million), it is revealed today (29 April 2011).

Southern Africa Report says the government ‘this month sought, and received, an estimate from Dubai-based aviation charter company Royal Jet for the trip rental of a 46-seater Boeing Business Jet that comes complete with double bedroom.

‘The quote from Royal Jet was that the charter of their plane will cost the government $700,000 (R4,7-million) per trip. Mbabane apparently considered this something of a bargain, since they’d previously paid US$900, 000 (R6-million) for such trips.

‘Mswati plans to use the charter five times this year alone – three times to Europe and twice to the Far East – at a cumulative cost of $3, 5-million (R23,5-million).’

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