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Thursday, 28 April 2011


Times Live, Johannesburg

27April 2011


Mswati flaunts wasteful ways

By Mfundvo Ndzimandze,

Manzini Swaziland: Reports that the king of Bahrain has declined a wedding invitation from the British royalty amid protests at home seem to be strategic and fully thought through.

But the same cannot be said about King Mswati. The way he has been doing things recently leads one to believe that he has lost all the conscience that he had, if he ever had it.

He is fresh from brutally crushing planned protests in Swaziland and now he is going straight to England to celebrate with the British royalty.

We embarrassed him when we boycotted his son's 21st birthday celebrations where US rapper Jadakiss had been invited to perform, with more millions being spent in one day.

Where on earth does Mswati get the courage to keep wasting public funds on luxurious events and trips and then go around showing his wasteful face to the whole world?

Does he not care that the country has no money, as his government reported collectively with the IMF? Clearly, Mswati has lost all conscience.

He is a lost cause. He will be parading his arrogance all over the world, travelling with his entourage of 50 people, and booking them in an expensive hotel that charges R5000 a day.

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