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Wednesday, 17 November 2010


The protest march in Mbabane, Swaziland, has been taking place in pouring rain today (17 November 2010). The Swaziland Democracy Campaign has called it the ‘umbrella revolution’.

This is a statement from SDC made while the march was still in progress.


SDC South Africa salutes the Swazi people for the umbrella revolution

Despite the heavy rains on the streets of Mbabane, the workers and people of Swaziland are out in their numbers, most in their umbrellas, hence the word umbrella revolution, to express their fullest support for the cause of democracy.

No amount of state brutality and intimidation, including state propaganda against the march could dampen their spirit and morale. According to sources inside Swaziland, the frustrations by state security agents could stop the urge by the people to join the march.

It is more the reason for our picket tomorrow at the Swazi Consulate in Johannesburg to register our own practical support and consistent commitment to the cause of the working and poor people of Swaziland.

As we talk the streets are littered with workers and poor people marching under the banners of their unions, political organisations, students and youth organisations, women’s formations, rural and landless movements, church and other faith organisations, social and NGO movements, all united under the banner of multiparty democracy in Swaziland.

We also appreciate the humbling messages of solidarity that are coming in daily from all over the world, filled with disgust, anger and rage at the brutal treatment of Swazi workers and the people in general. But even more important is the inspiration that these messages of solidarity are conveying to the struggling masses.

In essence, Mswati must now know that the world is watching every step he is taking.

Finally, SDC South Africa shall be holding a lunch hour picket at the Swazi Consulate on Thursday (tomorrow), 18 November 2010 at Braampark, Johannesburg. All are welcome.

SDC South Africa

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