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Tuesday, 16 November 2010


This is a statement from the Unison trade union in the UK, offering support to the protest march planned in Swaziland tomorrow (17 November 2010).


Dear Sisters and Brothers of the Swaziland Democracy Campaign and the trade union movement

On the anniversary of Black Wednesday, when Swaziland's constitution was suspended, UNISON's 1.4 million public service workers in the UK stand in solidarity with the working people, trade unionists and campaigners for democracy of Swaziland.

We recognise your ongoing struggle for democracy and the personal sacrifice you make for this cause.

We condemn the harsh response of Swaziland's security services to the Global Days of Action in September. We raised this with the Swazi Embassy in the UK, the British Government and in the UK press.

UNISON is committed to supporting our sister trade unions in Swaziland as they join with other campaigners for democracy. We will play our part by raising awareness of your struggle and the regime's response with the UK authorities and by building greater solidarity between UK trade unions and the Swazi trade union movement. We will continue to find ways to support the unions and the Swaziland Democracy Campaign with other resources necessary for your struggle.

I wish you every success for your day of action on 17 November. I am sure it will serve to demonstrate to the Swazi monarchy the growing strength and unity of the campaign for democracy, and the international support this receives.

In solidarity

Dave Prentis

General Secretary

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