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Sunday, 20 March 2011


The Swazi media has, for the most part, been silent about – and at times even tacitly supported – King Mswati III's human rights abuses. And the foreign media hasn’t been much help either. It's about time journalists speak up for freedom of expression, not to mention democracy, writes MANQOBA NXUMALO in the latest edition of Free African Media.

The media gives the world an impression that the problems facing Swaziland have more to do with the king’s lifestyle than with an archaic and rotten political system that stifles any form of dissent and opposition. When King Mswati III jails, tortures and drives his political nemeses into exile, the South African media in particular, and the world media in general, do not find this worth headline news – even though a completely different approach is taken when it involves Zimbabwe.

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