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Friday, 19 September 2008


It was the American satirist Tom Lehrer who said he gave up satire when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize because he could never top that.

I sometimes feel like that about Swaziland. So much that King Mswati III and the ruling elite do is so off the wall it is impossible to make fun of it. Just think about their love for Swaziland’s ‘unique democracy’ (no political parties, no power in parliament and the King makes all the important decisions) and you see what I mean.

Which brings me to someone who is satirizing Swaziland just now.

The blogsite is today carrying the following:

King Mswati eager to take Swaziland forward into 16th Century

MBABANE. Africa's last absolute monarch, King Mswati III, has urged his subjects to vote in today's general election, saying that it was "high time Swaziland moved forward into the 16th Century". He also promised that anyone who refused to vote, or who spoiled their ballot, would be fed to hyenas. Swazis will be voting Yes for Mswati, or No to representative democracy.

The elections have been widely condemned as a sham as Mswati has outlawed political parties. However the king continues to deny these claims, and this morning his spokesman, Prince Valiant Mswati XI, insisted that the elections would lead to political parties.

"We have political parties," said Prince Valiant. "We have them all the time.

"We dress up as famous politicians, and party like wild beasts.

"And this time will be no different. When the will of the Swazi people is heard, when they demand ten more years of benign smiley semi-nude awesomeness from our King, we will have another political party.

"I can officially state that it is going to be off the hook, because we've just bought another shipment of maidens from their parents in the highlands."

For more click here.

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Anonymous said...

The Royal Family in Swaziland is just another form of slavery against its poor Swazi majority that continues to suffer every day.With 1.1million poppulation it proves how ignorant the King of Swaziland and the royal family are playing a game with the majority swazi citizens. To a majority swazi citizens not from the Royal family continues to suffer in their own country because the King of Swaziland is to keep the Swazi majority at a blind spot not to see the light but continues to rob the majority citizens blind.Princes charles himself and the Queen mother of England should let go of the Swazi King and encourage free economy for all swazi's concerned not only for the royal family and the King should enjoy the The fertility of Swaziland. Today Swaziland is losing 1000's of educated personels to South Africa and the rest of the world because the King himself is acting funny and can't be helpful to the poor swazi citizens that are affected with poverty,AIDS and poor standard of living. I find the King of Swaziland as a disgrace to the Swazi community and the rest of the world on failing to help a very small poppulation to over come the crises that swaziland is facing today. With a billion dollar the King of Swaziland can actually improve Swaziland and the country can be the best country in Africa. With the funds donated to Swaziland it can help create better opportunities in the Kingdom rather letting the king himself manipulate the system. What a dissappointment to the world,with a only a poppulation of 1.1million every swazi citizens can be happy and more jobs can be created for the Majority that are even leaving the country in search for green pastors. Not only that he is destroying the swazi community only chance in succeeding and improving in the future.The time is different now the swazi community wants to have a king that will talk to its advisors in terms of redistributing opportunities to all working Swazi citizens because its really annoying to see someone rectlessly spending on unneccessary things expensive materialistic things when the majority swazi citizens are sufferring and dying from poverty. With a million poppulation it is sad to see how the King of Swaziland can't do nothing for its majority but bussy pocketing himself the very same funds given to Swaziland as funds for improving the standard daily life of the country. Even so on Forbes the King of Swaziland is the 15th richest King in the world, the Swazi community Understand that his parents gave him these funds as inheritance. The Swazi community loves their land their King and its up to him and the advisors,the queen mother of England and Prince charles to encourage change in the Kingdom inoder to save it from poverty,AIDS and many more. The Swazi citizens do not want the Kings wealth but would be happy to see the King and the Advisors seating down and planning something that would protect it citizens from heading to other countries in search for green pastors,the Swazi citizens would want the king of Swaziland to allow a free democratic challenges in all ministry positions rather electing his own stupid royal family that is illiterate and confusing the Swazi citizens at large.The Swazi citizens at large would like to see a king that cares about its citizens not just thinking for his pocket.With a very smart minister elected by the people of Swaziland not by the king maybe the country can improve gradually. The Swazi King is seen as the worse king in Africa, and dissapointment to the rest of Africa in failing to improve the the standard life of living for all Swazi citizens concerned. With a million poppulation how dumb is the so called Kings Advisors to see that, How dumb is the King and the traditional followers is to the society at large.Create more jobs for the swazi at large, free education from Grade 1 to 12, free health care for all swazi's, more tax for those that work,more tax for business and tax returns filed after a year, open more healthy solar and wind power plants, hydro power plants, more technology industry, more phone industry for better communication build more good roads in the country, build more big hotels for tourism,publize the transportation system in the country,welfare for the poor, the hard working supporting those can't, build proper facilities for the disabled individuals,blind etc, build more sports facilities and then you will see a progressive rich Swaziland.. Wake up King Mswati, stop being irrational and ignorant in allowing materialistic things to take control over you rather help the 1.1million Swazi poor citizens.