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Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Unite trade union, UK


16 May 2011


Swazi trade unionists arrested while participating in a joint Unite and DFID project

Unite the union has called on the government of Swaziland to immediately and unconditionally release three Swazi trade unionists, who were participating in a UK government funded project with Unite, promoting equality and tackling HIV and Aids.

Unite the union has condemned the deplorable actions of the Swaziland regime, who on the 14 May arrested the three Swazi trade unionists.

The three colleagues, Barnes Dlamini, Gugu Malindzisa and Emmanuel Dlamini, who are the Swazi coordinators for the Unite and DFID [Department for International Development] project were arrested while they facilitated a workshop, in the Eastern Town of Siteki, on building capacity within society in order to tackle HIV and Aids and empowering women.

Simon Dubbins, Unite director of international, said: ‘I think it is astonishing that in a country which has the highest prevalence rates of HIV in the world, we find a government - through its own paranoia - is trying to halt the good work of the trade unions in trying to tackle the biggest threat that faces the Swazi people.’

Unite calls on the Swazi regime to immediately and unconditionally release these colleagues.

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