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Monday, 2 May 2011


The community police force that reportedly threatened to murder democracy activist Musa Ngubeni if he was released on bail pending trial on explosive offences have been accused of a number of criminal activities.
The Weekend Observer newspaper reported that instead of protecting the people of Kwaluseni, community police have been involved in criminal activities, in an area known for its high crime rate.

Some community police officers were recently discovered to be involved in cattle rustling whilst others were found with stolen exhibits confiscated from thugs in the area.

They were entrusted with the responsibility of taking the exhibits to the police station, but they instead kept some for personal use, a resident told the newspaper.

In a third instance, another community policeman defrauded a resident of an undisclosed sum of money using the name of a police officer from Sigodvweni.

The Observer reported, ‘The alleged cattle rustling community police was reportedly arrested at Mliba Police Station recently. The unruly behaviour of community police was reported to uniformed police officers at Sigodvweni Police Station. Overseer of the community policing concept at Kwaluseni Mthunzi Dlamini confirmed the reigning doubt and questions over the credibility of community police following the incidences where they were found to have engaged in criminal behavior. Dlamini said authorities of Kwaluseni, including the chiefdom’s inner council as well as the community were disappointed by the latest behavior of community police.’

To read the full report, click here.

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